A proven and well thought technology that helps your business grow.

Easily process online orders.

We do everything needed to support your launch.

Marketing yourself is easier than you think.

Best In Class.

We worry about technology, not you.

Ready In 1 Day.

Strategically engineered to launch quickly.

Instant Support.

We answer you immediately, and make changes instantly.

Everything you need to deliver your product.

Mobile Friendly Website & Mobile App

Friendly screens that are easy on the eyes no matter if you are on the browser on your PC or phone or on Mobile App.

Online Ordering & Payments

Now you can bring your own payment processor with a reduced rate compared to most service providers. Savings that go straight to your bottom line and ROI.

Delivery Management

Online delivery made easy with a custom-built portal for tracking that orders get to the right destination.


And, to market and build your brand.


Creative Promotions

Launch attractive offers in seconds proven to increase your customer loyalty and professional brand.

Marketing Campaigns

Automate your marketing campaigns to consistently provide value to your local community. Remind them that they are important to you.

Financial Reports

A simple but powerful reporting that you can get for each location for any time period including daily sales report.

Customize everything.

Our platform is flexible to meet your brand and business needs.


All designs can be custom built so we can make the entire experience work perfectly for your brand.


Customize all emails sent to your customers.


Personalize your brand with your unique identity.

Look & feel

Dynamic ability to build and change your customized look & feel.


Build custom forms in no time.

Receipts and invoices

Electronic bill goes out for every order.


Offer customer support via email or chat.

Privacy settings

Comply with internet privacy regulations.

Social promotions

Hire us to build social promotions for you.

Smart Ordering can work in many industries.

When it comes to any need related to your specific vertical, we are able to cater the same platform to build and support products that you focus on. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

Cafes & Delis

Coffee Shops



Grocery Stores

Dry Cleaners



On-Demand Services

Find out about how our platform can be integrated into your business. The first step is easy.

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