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  • Communities -

    Focuses on your connected communities from your profile. These communities are called ‘Non-Sponsored’ communities. In Future,
    Sponsored communities will show up here as well.

  • Network -

    Focuses on matchmaking and appointments. In future, this can grow into connecting locally with people in an event or a conference. This is
    where user easily manages (approves and rejects) meetings.

  • Plus -

    This is where users will share their business cards with other
    members. In future, it will support broadcast mode in a local or a
    conference event.

  • Chat -

    This is where the users will connect and build relationship with
    approved members. In future, this will include relationship tips,
    relationship automation, etc

  • Profile -

    This where user manages their profile, setup their introduction, Enable
    schedule, and even create communities.


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