Are you a Manuf

Using 10 apps to run your business? Now easily and effectively run your entire business from a single app.

  • Eliminate multiple work-alone apps.
  • Eliminate complicated integrations.
  • Run your businesses from anywhere.

Managing your business, simplified. Be a master of more.

Manage your entire business from a single application - any locations, anytime, anywhere in the world.


Services are a core part of most businesses. You can manage your offers and professional services with configurable billing and payment management. Track schedule and resources assigned to jobs. Automatically, insert tasks based on your business process, and see tasks get done in your business.


Manage your full products, material, promotions, product attached services, procurement and fulfillment in a single application. Manage your buying and selling cycles comfortable, and measure for profit and loss.


Use the most organized way to manage your sales pipeline for the services and products that you are offering. Review reports that track progress, productivity, revenue, and status through your business locations and setup.


A full customer relationship management that helps build authentic connections with your customers, partners, and affiliates. Customers provide a way to keep a record of your conversations and provides a deep history of your customer's profiles.