Patient Advocacy

In-Patient Education Technology


Catholic Health - Improve the health of those we serve and ensuring future revenue growth with Patient advocacy & brand message delivery platform. CH's patient virtual advocacy channel that presents wellness and care privately (personal devices) to the patients with tight integration with clinical data. It delivers the right education that is useful to the right patient at the right time.


Personalized & recommended content that is helpful, delivers maximum relevance and value to any consumer globally based on their current health interests.

  • Intelligent Automation drives loyalty and
    business growth

  • Confusion remains the #1 emotion associated
    with healthcare.

  • Knowledge extraordinarily influences buying

  • Content and Deep Data strengthens your
    relationship with your customer.

Finding the future of care
provision: The role of smart
hospitals with perfect
patient education.

Smart hospitals make extensive use of innovative technologies to
improve care quality and patient experience while reducing costs.