Don't waste months
engineering your
own solution

Your customers want integrations. But you should be focused on building your core product, not spending months building integrations, learning the nuances of every API, and wrangling authentication tokens.


Built for no-mistake digital transformation.

Smart Start makes integrations fast, easy, and seamless


Leverage experience

Our API-first framework is built with a pluggable architecture that favors microservices so you can build custom, best-of-breed projects tailored to your business needs.


Save on resources

Eliminate thousands of hours of work and learning curve by simply continue where we hand off. It's like a relay race where we got you great lead time.


Avoid technical debt

Take steps incrementally or avoid making mistakes as we integrate your core product. Remove some of the statistical chances of failures.


Ship new features in days, not months.


A proven and well-thought technology that flexibly works.


Build on trusted technology

Lower risk by guaranteeing to stack your layers of abstraction on a proven solution designed specifically for digital products.


Prove it quickly

Enable innovation quickly to introduce a new product or swap out old architectures. Future-proof your business by defeating time to build and prove.


Scale up easily

Dramatically accelerate time-to-market for any projects - web, mobile, or IoT. It’s easy to build multi-portal apps that bring it all together.

A Powerful and Proven Feature Set

Built for product owners by product owners with deep technical expertise.


Secure access control & login.

Payment Management

Processing credit and debit cards.

Custom Fields

Insertion of custom fields.


Role back control for features.

Content Management

Managing application content.

Country Taxations

Taxation module for every country.

User Management

Managing user types & profiles.

Location Services

Maps, addressing and tracking.


Chat, audio and video calls.

Subscription Management

Recurring billing and subscriptions.

Search Technologies

Elastic search with logstash.

Centralized Jobs

Cron schedule processing


Email notifications scheduled or real-time.


Structured data for different charts.

Import Utilities

Data upload and migration.


Hook events for web or mobile.

Virus Utilities

Security scan while upload or download.