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Honeycomb on User-experience


Dev Cham

November 21, 2018

Smart Start

Customer Experience

Customer-experience is high-level flows of how you want your customers to perceive your digital product. It starts with crafting user-journey.

Customer Experience – Case Studies

Google Drive

You Tube Vs. Vimeo


Usability Flows

The intention of Usability flows is simply to look at micro-tasks a user does on your digital product. It focuses on letting users achieve the desired output with increasing velocity to finish that task quickly.

People focus on User-Interface, and design elements, but never push to resolve 

Information Architecture

Corresponding Information

Common Placeholders

Experience For E-Commerce

Experience For High Conversion

Experience For Data-Driven Applications

Micro-Experiences That Applies To All

  1. Reduce The Number Of Clicks
  2. Bring Action Items Closer To Reduce Mouse Or Thumb Movements
  3. Toasts Architecture – Success, Warning, Failure & even Encouragements. 

Natural Virality Of A Product

Purchase Triggers


Making sure the experience. 

Build it for mobile-first.

Large data-driven products. 

Profitability For Startups

Your Business Model  Be Less Adverse To Price Increases If you have an freemium model, then raising price will actually increase your paid subscribers. It’s

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