Heavy Work For Launching A Startup


Dev Cham

July 18, 2019

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Launch Planning – Website Development

  1. Designing web graphics
  2. Editing web copy
  3. Fixing broken links on the company website
  4. Installing tracking codes on the company website
  5. Publishing blog posts
  6. Renewing domains and hosting plans
  7. Sourcing images to accompany blog posts and status updates

Launch Planning – Build Content

  1. Identify key topics and subtopics for the content
  2. Gather information on the identified topics. You may gather using product guides, blogs, knowledge base, etc.
  3. Organize topics and subtopics to start creating structure. Identify key questions for each topic.
  4. Filter organized content to decide what really is required for presentation based on your target audience. Eliminate any unwanted and unneeded content.
  5. Re-write content in your own words through your filtered list of content. Check for grammar, spelling, punctuations, etc.
  6. Copy right check information and content.
  7. Get a review done from an authorized professional writer, and have them correct your work for finalization.
  8. Add any visual elements, diagrams. Design to appeal to your content.
  9. Author your work either online or with the team. This should be in the target format of either blog, ebook, white paper, PowerPoint, etc.

Launch Planning – Build Video Content

  1. Developing video content
  2. Hiring a vendor to develop video content
  3. Writing video scripts
  4. Develop keyword lists for tagging videos
  5. Writing video descriptions
  6. Publishing video to YouTube
  7. Publishing video to the company website

Launch Planning – Search Engine Optimization

  1. Developing keyword lists
  2. Appropriately naming images on the company website
  3. Choosing anchor text for backlinks
  4. Distributing articles to article submission websites
  5. Listing the company in online local business directories
  6. Listing the company website in niche directories
  7. Managing relationships with the major search engines
  8. Pinging sites after new content has been published
  9. Renaming files so they are optimized for search engines
  10. Writing blog content based on a keyword strategy
  11. Writing article content to publish online
  12. Reviewing website backlinks

Launch Planning – Google Analytics

  1. Analyzing Google Analytics
  2. Measuring search engine optimization results
  3. Performing competitor keyword analysis
  4. Reviewing eCommerce sales data
  5. Review social media metrics, like Facebook Insights
  6. Running reports to track growth, response, or ROI

Launch Planning – Social Media

  1. Developing editorial calendar for content sharing
  2. Updating Facebook Pages
  3. Updating Google+
  4. Updating LinkedIn
  5. Updating Twitter
  6. Answering LinkedIn questions
  7. Updating Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, and other social networks
  8. Managing your Yelp profile
  9. Bookmarking blog content on social bookmarking sites
  10. Building out custom Facebook pages
  11. Designing cover images for social profiles
  12. Developing social media marketing plans
  13. Guest writing for industry blogs or websites
  14. Interacting with consumers via social media
  15. Recruiting guest bloggers
  16. Researching bloggers
  17. Writing a social media corporate policy
  18. Scheduling social media status updates to be published
  19. Responding to questions on Quora
  20. Researching bloggers
  21. Monitoring competitors’ social media updates

Launch Planning – Promotions

  1. Developing contests to promote a business or product
  2. Designing contest pages
  3. Writing contest rules
  4. Promoting contests to contest directories
  5. Promoting contests online on the company website
  6. Promoting contests online through company’s social profiles
  7. Promoting contests through the company’s email newsletters
  8. Tracking the progress of contest entries
  9. Choosing winners of contests
  10. Announcing contest winners
  11. Notify winners of contests
  12. Distributing contest prizing
  13. Distributing coupon codes online
  14. Listing your events with local online events calendars
  15. Ordering premiums created to hand out
  16. Writing white papers
  17. Posting white papers online on sites like Scribd.com

Launch Planning – Sales

  1. Writing proposal
  2. Creating lead capture forms for the company website
  3. Writing sales follow up a copy
  4. Writing sales scripts
  5. Submitting eCommerce products to shopping aggregators
  6. Using lead scoring for prospects
  7. Developing demonstrations or tutorials
  8. Networking – in person!
  9. Writing tips & how-to articles to share with prospects or customers
  10. Researching affiliate programs

Launch Planning – Email Marketing

  1. Choosing an email marketing software vendor
  2. Designing email newsletter templates
  3. Distributing email newsletter
  4. Writing email newsletter copy
  5. Setting up trigger emails
  6. Setting up an account with the email marketing software vendor
  7. Sending test copies of the email newsletter
  8. Segmenting email newsletter lists
  9. Reviewing email newsletter metrics
  10. Cleaning up the database (fixing typos, adding in new data)

Launch Planning – Public Relations

  1. Commenting on articles or blog posts online
  2. Documenting online media placements
  3. Following up with people product samples were sent to
  4. Pitching bloggers to review a product
  5. Writing press releases
  6. Submitting press releases thru online wire services
  7. Sending out product samples
  8. Searching forums for influencers
  9. Reviewing forums for consumer feedback
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Sam Shah
Project Manager

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