How To Build A Google Chrome Extension


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September 27, 2022

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Before we get into

Fundamental Understanding Of Chrome Extension

Some Fundamentals On Chrome Extension As  A Product

Understand that Chrome Extension is also a SaaS application and that if you are about to build a product most likely you will need to manage its services outside the chrome extension. These services could be user log-in, subscription management, and more product-specific functionality.


Critical Functionality For Your Product Success


  1. Manage Onboarding Really Well
    Here are some use-case to managing onboardingAsk Users To Pin The ExtensionOff-Extension Login – Ask users to download the extension from Google Chrome Store

    Provide Working vs. Not Working Status
    Provide Notification Badge
  2. Manage ‘No-Use’ Sign-up Loss Of Extension
    Here are some cases to manage when managing
    During InstallDuring UpgradeDuring Uninstall
  3. Educate Your Users Upfront On Product Use
    Here are some cases to educate them on
    Clearing Cookies will clear anything store locally.
    Cross-tabs browsers need to be reloaded on some use-cases in order to get the right local content.
  4. Build Single Sign-On
  5. Image And Video Rendering


Technically Build The Extension



Publishing To The Chrome Store





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