The Instagram Roadmap – How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business


Dev Cham

July 8, 2020

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The Ultimate Instagram Roadmap

1. Setup Your Account + Bio + Profile Photo – Make sure your account gets folks’ attention with a clear photo of you and a bio that helps you get more followers, tells the world what you do, and shares something personal about yourself.

2. Decide On Your Posting Themes – Settle on the types of posts you’re going to create the most often for your feed and for your Instagram Stories. Decide what your posts will look like and how your captions will sound.

3. Post in your feed a few times a week – Post in your Instagram feed consistently, paying attention to how your followers are engaging with what you share.

4. Post on your stories every day – Post on Instagram Stories every day so you stay top of mind and your followers don’t forget about you.

5. Engage more than you post – Grow your following by spending as much time as possible engaging on Instagram by liking and commenting on people’s posts and watching and responding to their Instagram Stories.

6. Take it to the DM – Use your direct messages as a tool for having conversations with your followers, finding out what they want from you, and sharing your products or services.

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1

Spending Too Much Time Agonizing Over the Perfect Photo Don’t obsess over the photo and caption on Instagram! It’s kinda easy to do I mean… I did it for years. But what I learned is that having the perfect photo doesn’t matter as much to your followers as it does to you. And, more often than not, folks use “not having the perfect photo” as an excuse for not posting.

Mistake #2

Posting Too Much Content Too Often You’re probably posting on Instagram more than you need to be… like… a lot more. You can’t beat the algorithm by posting more often AND, since your posts last so much longer than they did a year ago, you’re just burning through your content! Focus on the quality of your posts – not the quantity.

Mistake #3

Not Having a Clear Path for How to Get Your Followers Off of Instagram The best way to sell on Instagram is by getting folks the heck off of Instagram! If you don’t know where you’re going to send people next to keep the relationship growing – and to continue building know, like, and trust with your followers – you’re going to get lost focusing on the wrong things.


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