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Dev Cham

September 23, 2022

Smart Story

The global smart home device market is expected to top $165B by 2025, according to CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus. Even as pandemic restrictions have subsided, consumer habits and expectations have irrevocably shifted. The home of the future will not only make managing home and work life more seamless for homeowners, but it will also provide retailers with a deeper understanding of and a more direct connection to customers.

We dive into the home of the future and where technology is taking it next, from smart package delivery to robot assistants to AR/VR for remote work.

The home of the future will be built on key technologies such as:

• Connected fitness devices to make the home a center for health and wellness

• AR/VR for remote work redefining collaboration and connection in the home

• Smart package delivery combining security and convenience

• Dynamic monitoring systems to make the home more comfortable and energy-efficient

• Voice-enabled appliances to automate routines and simplify everyday tasks

• Robotic assistance to help with daily tasks and offer companionship


Below, we dive into these technologies: how they work, who has an edge, and how they’re shaping the future homes we’ll live in.


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