Telling the wrong story? Get it right


Dev Cham

July 16, 2022

Smart Story

It’s not enough just to tell a story.
You have to tell the right story.


The 9 fundamentals of product story shaping

  1. People are skeptical of “too good to be true”
  2. They find expertise sexy
  3. They root for people who beat the odds
  4. They are fascinated by surprising details
  5. They are visual animals
  6. They need motivation to break habits
  7. They love personalized experiences
  8. They like knowing they’ve stumbled onto something rare
  9. We must resolve their negative thoughts
  10. When you use these elements to shape your product story, not only will you be telling the right story, you will be telling it in the right way.
  11. And that is when you will start seeing a meaningful increase in your conversion rates.


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